Jan 6, 2010

Wild Wednesday...

Today, it is all about the Blob Fish.

He looks kinda like a pissed off Ziggy

Yes, this is a real fish. I had my doubts, too. I took one look at that morose, globular face and thought "Oh dear God, NO! No way that thing exists outside of my nightmares!"...but, there you have it.

(Blobby? You've got something on your lip. No...other side.)

This guy is all about being lazy, but it isn't his fault. He carries on his carefree existence under extreme pressure. Bottom of the ocean pressure. He has no need for muscles or an air bladder because he is made of goo and is only very slightly less dense than water. He doesn't swim...he hovers sadly, waiting for a meal to float by.

The eggs produced by this fish are pink and tended very carefully. They sit on these eggs the way chickens do, protecting and constantly touching and cleaning them. I wonder what it is like tending 9000 to 180,000 eggs? (And, I wonder what baby blob fish look like. Eek!)

If you are ever drag-net fishing off the coasts of Tasmania or Australia, be on the lookout for these beauties.Heh.

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