Jan 3, 2010

We will never be, I am the moon...

A photograph I took using settings I have since forgotten...

I have always survived on borrowed light. Alone, I am dark and cold...always waiting for my sun. My life moves in cycles and phases. Sometimes I am a sliver of myself. Sometimes I am shrouded by shadows, and sometimes I am so full I am radiant.

I was once part of a binary system. One sun in a constant state of supernova, caving in on herself...darker and darker. The other burned a waning blue, caught in the other's gravity, crumbling under all the heaviness. I reflected it all back at them...their light, and their darknesses. I became them.

A moon's revenge is never sweet. I was consumed by the sheer weight of my own anger and anguish...and fear.

For that, I am so very sorry.

And now, despite curses, ill-wishes, bleak loneliness and a beam of hatred that stretches across the universe...the moon has birthed a perfect sun.

A son.

He burns the brightest indigo. He is my greatest truth. He has stars in his eyes.

He is all I will ever need to be whole.