Jan 22, 2010

Newborn No Longer

Yes, Jude was 3 months old yesterday, and yes...I just realized how quickly time seems to move when you have a wee one. Perhaps it goes by while I am fighting the good fight against the sleep-deprived fuzzies, or maybe time whizzes by while I am gazing at my newborn, turned infant, turned baby. All I know is...it's whizzing, and I can hardly believe my little guy can laugh, tell me what he wants with his expression alone, get his legs into crawling position and kick me so hard in his sleep I feel my teeth rattle. It seems as though he will consistently roll from back to front before front to back, and he transports himself from one place to another by inch-worming on his back. That back can ARCH! We co-sleep, and I have to keep a hand on him, just in case.

Yay for me!!!!

Today was his first time in the Jolly Jumper, and it was a very serious occasion. He stood there...with lips slightly parted and wonder-full eyes...unsure of what to do, but loving it all the same. He spent a lot of time staring upward at the mechanics of it all. How does this work? Why am I standing? What happens if I move a foot? An arm? My head?

It was fun to watch, but...he looked like such a big boy. My heart broke a little, even as I laughed and clapped for him.

He also visited the public health nurse today for a weigh and once-over. He is just shy of 12 pounds and is very long and lean. In her words? "He looks GOOD." So good to know that, I tell ya. She then procured a booklet with proper feeding timetables (solids at 6 months, chunky solids at 7, finger foods at 9, etc) because I mentioned to her that we'd started Jude on a little bit of thin rice cereal from a spoon at breakfast and supper the day before his 3 month "birthday". ;)  He is a hungry boy, and even after massive amounts of formula he wasn't really full. Now he is, and is still eating the same amount of formula, peeing and pooping really well, digesting like a champ and happy as a clam. He is all smiles at cereal time...turns into a baby bird when he sees the spoon coming.

Not a common practice, I know...but, some babies will want (and tolerate) cereal, and that is just the way it is. It's not like he is eating surf and turf. :)

To celebrate all of these milestones, I made cupcakes.

Yes, they look kinda lame, and yes...that is blue cream cheese icing with too much vanilla on chocolate cupcakes made from Betty Crocker cake mix, but they are delicious, thank-you-for-asking.

Here they are hanging out with the Five Alive and the Enfamil.

There is even a ghetto one with only one sprinkle, but Jude doesn't mind.

It's not like he can eat them anyway.

Happy 3 months, babylove. I can't wait until you can actually EAT your cupcakes, (and yet, ow...eating cupcakes would make you a very big boy, wouldn't it??)

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Alicia Kennedy said...

So sweet. I came across your blog from "Becoming Sarah". I just had to take a peak since my son's name is Jude too :)