Feb 6, 2010

Did you know...

that there are people out there who actually believe the earth is flat?


I guess people can believe in anything if given evidence to suit their own needs. Even if it is completely illogical.

I believe in magic and ghosts, telepathy and empathy because those things are simply...part of my belief system. God, I am not so sure of. If God is, in actuality, the universe...I just might buy it. Either way, I would love to have a conversation with Him/Her/It. To be convinced. Or, at the very least, to enjoy a unique experience.

It's funny, though...the sheer diversity out there. There is probably someone out there who believes that he or she could turn in a circle three times, burp twice, and then pop into the next dimension as a 2D Marilyn Monroe.

All the power to them, I say.

 Whatever floats your balloon. :)

If you want more info on the Flat Earth Society, here you go. 

Flat Earth Society 

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