Feb 1, 2010

5 Things...(Cloud Afro Edition)

This made me laugh, so I dedicate this ramble to cloud afro man.

 1) It is 12:45am, and I just got the baby to bed. His diabolical little hands are keeping him awake...flapping around, grasping at his hair, grabbing his soother and pulling it out. He is just learning to fully control them, and I think he is practicing in his sleep, too. I finally tightly swaddled him and lightly blew on his eyelids until his hands gave up the good fight and let their (almost) master sleep.

2) A few nights ago, I dreamed that I was being attacked by armies of enormous orange tigers. They were hunting me, skulking around in the ditches and the shadows. I could see them and knew that, inevitably, they would attack. I could deflect them...push them away, scare them back into the grass. Finally, a massive white one pinned me down and I woke up. I blamed this on reading too much "Tigerflower" to Jude, but then I checked out a dream interpretation site.

"To dream that you are attacked by a tiger, symbolizes repressed feelings or emotions that frighten you."

3) I love the sound of baby burps. I am convinced that if I ever heard an elf burp, I would be immediately reminded of Jude's little belches. 

4) I see wee fingers holding onto the edge of a blanket. THE EVIL ONES ARE LOOSE!!! (but, the baby is still sleeping. Booyah!)

5) Poltergeist: The Legacy actually managed to freak me out this afternoon. There was a scene in which a woman gives birth to a...I don't even know. It looked like a human fetus, except it clawed out of her and when she looked down, it turned its head to look up at her and smiled this horrible little smile. Then it whipped her around the room by its cord (which seemed to still be attached to her hoo-haa!) Ahhhhh! OK...seriously. That is just so wrong. I know newborns can be scary, but...wow.
I found a quote from the actress who actually had to do this scene:

"I am birthing evil incarnate," she explains, "and I'm being dragged around by the demon by its umbilical cord, because he didn't quite bank on the fact that once he's out he's still attached to me. That part's kind of horrifying and scary, but right at the end of it I open my eyes and what I see is my son who died a year ago, standing like an angel. Part of me is experiencing my dead son being reborn, so it's a really interesting scene, because this extreme violence of birth is also a kind of bliss. I'm sort of in a trance."

And, on that note, I am going to go snuggle up with my baby and have sweet dreams.


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