Feb 18, 2010

5 Things

 1) In  three days, Jude will be 4 months old. I am having a hard time believing it. I must be in a time-warp, because it was just yesterday that I pushed him out...that I shuffled around in slippers at Walmart because my feet were too swollen for shoes...that I learned that love can so big it fills the universe and still spills over into oblivion. Things have changed so much since those first "getting to know you" days. Jude has found his toes, jumps in a Jolly Jumper, chats endlessly, laughs at the word "what?!" and takes his baths in the grownup bathtub. But, I don't know how it all happened. Part of me is still cradling that beautiful, slime-covered newborn, and I imagine that will never change even as everything else does.

2) 14 pounds and 26 inches long...50th and 75th percentile. Tall for his age. But, then...I knew that. When I carry him vertically, his legs hang down to my upper mid thigh. Horizontally, they bounce as I walk.

3) Right in the middle of writing #2, I got up to change a poopy diaper. How appropriate. Problem is, he wasn't finished...not by a long shot. It just kept coming, so I held the diaper under his bottom to catch it. I thought: "OK...we will get through this. No big deal..." and then, on his final push, he peed in his own face. At which point I realized that I should have just put the darned diaper back on. Poor little dude.

4) I urge you to visit this blog:

Sarah is turning her blog into a read-o-palooza to promote literacy. If you have a child, or know a child, or simply LOVE books written for children, head on over. She will be reviewing a book a week and there will be giveaways. Did that convince you? Yeah? Ok then, stop reading my lame-ass blog and get your butt over there. :)

5) Who am I kidding? Nobody reads this blog, anyway. LOL. Sorry Sarah...there will not be much traffic from my neck of the woods, but I deserve an A for effort. Facebook is likely a better option. ;)


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Hey, people read your blog. Play nice.

I love Sarah's blog, too. Absolutely rocks.

*~(boom)~* said...

True enough.

*playing nice*