Feb 20, 2010

As mentioned before...

my charming, charming son:


is obsessed with his hands.


I don't know if he is teething, or if this is just a phase. His hands even trump his bottle.


Taking pictures of him these days is a challenge.  Just when you think those hands will be out of the way, you get a photograph of him insanely trying to GET at his hands.  I'm telling you. It's charming. Especially when you can see all the way down his throat and up his nostrils.


I hope this phase ends soon, because his smile is so precious.



(In looking at these pictures now, I am coming to the full realization of how much hair he has actually lost. I mean, I know he's been losing it. I find it on the bed, in my clothes, in the bathtub and in his mouth, but wow. That "Ernie" tuft on top is practically all he has left! Cute!)

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Kempt said...

so. adorable. so so.