Feb 22, 2010


 What is to be done for
the taciturn ghost who sneaks
through soundlessly
on its fingertips? Perhaps

it devours
memory; bends
time downward like a
fruit-laden branch
and feeds.

it dances behind closed
eyelids; or broods
under a porch light,
hands in its pockets.

When it departs, it dashes
out the window and to the
south at the speed
of never, its redshift
in tow like a
phoenix tail.

Does it mean harm? To
consume that which I hold
most dear and
leave me with
nothing but a
dream turned nightmare,
wrapped in apologies?

does it simply


Anonymous said...

Wow... Was this written by you?

*~(boom)~* said...

Yes it was. I don't write much anymore, but this one kicked itself out of me and then beat me over the head a few times. lol.

CaraBee said...

That was amazing. Beautiful and eerie. And that picture freaks me out.

*~(boom)~* said...

Well, thanks. :)

The picture freaks me out, too...that ghost has gills. 8-/

the Southerner said...

You are much too haunted...
by far too many things at rest in the past.

Breathe in the now, and know no fear of any old darknesses, each and all now dead and gone. Certainly none sent your way from way down here.

Take care, and have a good life, without regret or too much worry.

It all passes far too quickly for anything less.

*~(boom)~* said...

Thank you. That is good to know.

And, likewise. :)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...


Nice imagery, hon.