Apr 18, 2010


1) I can't wait for the microwave...even if I have only set it for 30 seconds.  I pace, I find things to do, but time seems to stop when the microwave is doin' its business. I get so antsy that I HAVE to stop it...3 seconds, or 1 second left on the timer. And then I don't clear it, which drives the other members of the household crazy.

Mom: WHY do you always leave leftover time on the microwave??!!
Me: Oh, it's this new "no patience" thing I'm going through...I can't stand to let the microwave run its course.
Mom: Yeah, but now we never know what time it is in the kitchen.

2) The morning-time rainbows that live in the living room love my son. The moment he is on the floor, a rainbow comes and finds him...shines in his eyes, or hangs out in his ear. He doesn't seem to mind.

Buddy? You have something on your face. No, no...right there.

3) Spring has definitely sprung. The maples/poplars/willows/birches are all budding, and there are strange fingers poking out of the flowerbeds already. 

All of the above were actually taken on March 31st. Can you believe it?

4) I am lovin' on this song lately...yum.

"Why are you so scared
You stand there shaking in your pew
The icons are whispering to you
They're just old men
Like on the benches in the park
Except their balding spots are glistening with gold"

5) Jude can stand with the help of the coffee table. The beginning of the end...

6) I changed my template...again. I can't stand a white page. I tried to conform, I really did...but I am just not a conformist.

7) I don't know why I feel the need to do these posts in list form.

8) I mean, jeez...I used to be able to write a paragraph.

9) But, now it all has to broken down and numbered...methodically separated like Jude's rice and apples. Or oats and peas.

10) *sigh* I want my brain back.

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Space Dog said...

I have the same problem with the microwave..:)..which is why I never even bother to set the time.
I'm into this song lately: