Apr 9, 2010

Mean Milk Toof

The past few weeks, there has been a lot of this going on:

And this*:

And this:


He shark attacks objects...fingers, elbows, toys, the dog...barely eats**, hardly sleeps...all in the name of this:

The above sharp little sucker is smashing its way through my poor little son's tender gums. The one beside it is not far behind, and it feels like several others are not too far behind that.

Way to go ahead and grow up too fast on me, baby boy. :)

Oh, and...this is the cutest blog, EVER. It seems fitting, just about now. Enjoy:

My Milk Toof

* No, I did not buy that Sophie. It was given to Jude as a gift. I would NEVER spend $20 on a teething toy. ;)
** has anyone else's child refused to eat while cutting teeth? What are your thoughts on this phenomenon? Jude wails, kicks, arches, turns his head side to side, slaps the bottle out of his mouth. Swaddling no longer works. What did YOU do? Thanks in advance!


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

:( Ouchie. Yes, one of my kids (can't remember which. I am bad. Bad, bad mommy) didn't want to eat when teething but made up for it once the culprit broke through. Poor Jude!

Stesha said...

My twins are both teething. They just turned one, and are "late teethers." We give them cold teething rings. It seems to get the job done. They haven't stopped eating, though!

Hugs and Mocha,

Funky Mama Bird said...

My son refuses to eat when he's teething. He's currently cutting his 5th, and he got the other 4 in the last few weeks. It's just the day that it actually pushes through that seems to be the worst for him. Hyland's seems to help until then, but once that sucker starts to poke through, ugh. The screaming.