Apr 1, 2010

An Ill-Fated Easter Shoot...

This photo sums up our afternoon...lol.

That basket seemed like a good idea. It really did. I mean...how cute! Put the happy, squealing baby into a sailor suit and put him in a basket so that grandma can snap cute pictures.

Jude had other ideas.

Rory liked the basket.

Just like that, the tone of the afternoon changed.

We even tried another basket.

B.C liked the basket... ;)

Out came the bunny ears:

At which point we admitted defeat. ;)

The beauy of it is...I love every single one of these shots. Nobody is expected to be shiny and happy all of the time, least of all a 5 month old baby. These photos depict my beautiful Jude just as accurately as his happy photos. He can be willful, tempermental, suspicious, opinionated and very melodramatic...just as he can be achingly sweet, gentle, enigmatic, snuggly, giggly and chatty. Mr. Personality, this one. I love his every mood...relish every giggle, soothe every sadness.

Check out the swollen gums. Teeth soon?

Every single moment with this child is precious. I wouldn't change a second of it.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I have a photo of my first born in a basket at about 2 months old, screaming bloody murder. It's a given: we mothers torture our children for photo ops.

mrs.notouching said...

Pictures like these are by far my favorite ones. The memories will be priceless :-)

Kempt said...

*chuckle* Oh man. There should be a blog of photos like this. I have tonnes from me as a kid - epic fails.

Michelle said...

I think all the photos came out just precious!