Dec 28, 2009

Who has been slightly exploiting the fact that her son can say "mom" at 2 months old? Certainly not me. In fact, I do not tell anyone who will listen or brag a little bit about it either.

I have not singlehandedly eaten an entire container full of Christmas goodies, nor have I been known to sneak and smuggle even though there is no one around to catch me. Such a heinous act. Tut-tut.

I do not giggle when my son notices the television, and I do not think it's even funnier when he zones out while staring at it. I make sure to put a stop to his TV watching right away, and I definitely don't change it to Spongebob just for him. Uh-uh.

I do NOT allow my son to sleep in his Boppy pillow because he will not sleep in his crib. I do not have the Boppy pillow so rigged up that it is the perfect bed, and he does not sleep like a dream in it.

I am not even ashamed.

Nope...not me.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I say wherever babies sleep is good.

Sarah A. said...

I agree with Secret Mom Thoughts. Let sleeping children lay!

Also, I would be bragging up a storm if Charlotte could say "mom" too. Right now, all she says is balamadabukugani. If you can translate that for me, let me know!

Sarah @

*~(boom)~* said...


Generally that means a nice, clean diaper is about to be soiled in some unmentionable way.

And that little shiver? Accompanied by widened, slightly surprised eyes? That means pee.

Hehe. :)