Mar 28, 2010

Many Malfunctions

So, my computer died.


I know, right?

First, it wouldn't wake up from its naps, which I related to...soI thought nothing of it. Then it began to randomly not boot up when I asked. I was nice to it...tried coaxing it, to no avail. So off to the Mothership (Best Buy) it went for a checkup.

I was told its hard drive had failed...lost all of my files because I am lazy and hadn't bothered to back anything up. Thankfully, all of Jude's pictures were also on a few other computers, so I still have those (PHEW!) but my music library! My poetry! My bookmarks!


So, one week and one shiny, new (and very empty) hard drive later, what happened? The SAME DAMNED THING. Except worse. Blank screen, blank hard drive, blank Mailis. *pout*
BACK to the mothership it went, for another week...this time for a new motherboard and cooling system. Now it works. Tickety-boo, I think. But, they might as well have just given me a new computer.

I broke my blog, too. I tried a new template on for size and didn't like it, so away it went...along with my blog list and some of the formatting for this template. I think it's fixed, except for the blog list. I will remedy that as soon as I find all of my favorite blogs again.

My dignity also took a hit last week. I wandered through Best Buy, chatted with the Geek Squad and other patrons, looked at games, cooed at Jude, watched others coo at Jude, drooled over laptops and considered purchasing more RAM for my broken one. I have replayed all of these things in my mind several times since that day...each time with a cringe...because when I left the store, I suddenly felt cold air clawing at my previously warm nether regions and realized my fly was down. ALL THE WAY. How long had it been down? Is THAT why the Geek Squad guy could not stop burying his chin against his pocket protector to stifle giggles? I thought the amused glances were because Jude was "talking"...not because I was flappin' in the breeze.


For your viewing pleasure, a hair malfunction...because there are no photos of my fly malfuction, thank GOD. *

What? It's my halo.

* Now that I said that, I will probably find footage of it somewhere in cyberland, and my humiliation will be complete.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man... That sucks (the losing your computer part)! I'd be in such a funk if that happened to me...

And the fly down thing... I'm sure worse things are in your future. You are a mom after all. ;)