Mar 6, 2010

Classical Baby

If you have children, and were considering buying this series...these 2 videos are why you should go straight to your local Best Buy (or wherever) pick them up.

Jude is 4 months old, and as much as I hate letting him watch television (he freaking loves tv) I didn't mind him zoning out in front of this. It's visually beautiful, the music is wonderful, and Jude sat enraptured the ENTIRE time it was on. Huh??

Just watch. You'll enjoy it, too.

Shapes, from The Art Show:

Bear Hugs, from The Music Show:

Oh, and by the way, this little endorsement was completely unsolicited. I just really like the product. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my... Those were lovely! I wonder if our local library would have these. We bought the whole "Your Baby Can Read" series, but Isla doesn't even pay attention anymore. She plays with her toys until the music comes on, then she stops, looks at the TV and sways. Once the music stops, she starts playing with her toys again. She used to be completely enamored with those videos.

But thank you for sharing those. We listen to classical all the time, so maybe she'll actually like Classical Baby.

Kempt said...

I'm terrified of what will happen when we have children. Jared is a jazz musician, I love hip hop, our whole lives are arts oriented... they're definitely going to be biologists or chemists. *laugh*

*~(boom)~* said...

Cynthia: I imagine you could find them at the library... :) Although, since you live in a "pretty how town", maybe not.

I love watching Jude respond to music. So far, he seems to enjoy upbeat, but quirky stuff. Blue October, Regina Spektor, Slow songs bring on the tears. He thinks the singer is crying, maybe? Classical, though...oooh...he gets goosebumps.

Kempt: Mhmmm..that is Murphy's Law at its finest. :)Hopefully your chemist will at least appreciate jazz and hip hop!