Aug 17, 2009


I feel like this:

and a little like the shack in the picture below:

And a whole lot like the owl in this photo (this shot was snapped just before he "bit" my finger):

But, I am ok. In fact, I am fucking brilliant. So brilliant, in fact, that I could catch on fire...go atomic...go fucking supernova, and no one would notice because I have just always been that way.

Enough about that, though. I really just wanted to share these with anyone who happen by here. These 2 blogs are well worth becoming part of anyone's daily surfing routine...

Petunia Faced Girl

(the above lady is hilarious, and the post I have linked to is fucking genius...not to mention disgusting)

Black Hockey Jesus

(this guy is just...jaded, and wonderful, and brilliant...and slightly disgusting...)

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