Aug 3, 2010

A little bit of fun...

I have seen this done in a few places, and it has always made me laugh.

You know the word verification thang you have to type out in order to leave a comment? If you want to (and I am not forcing you, here...*grin*) leave me a comment letting me know what your "word" was, and then make up a definition for it. Funfunfun...and a great little wakeup for the brain.

Here, I will start with one I got on Tracey's blog:

Pileati:   [pyl-ah-tee]


1) The unfortunate pile-up (see Twister) in which some people find themselves in while attempting to do pilates in a group setting.
2) An accumulation of sweaty, limber people.
3) A brief, dynamic event consisting of the collision of 2 or more unsuspecting individuals during strenuous exercise, resulting in an abrupt breach of personal space.


Pileative [pyl-ee-ah-tiv]:

1) "I have gotten myself into quite the pileative mess, haven't I?" exclaimed Tiffany as she extricated herself from the group of sweaty women.


Your turn?

(Please? It's fun...I promise!)


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Shoot. Do you want to know what my verification word is on your site right now? Really? It's so incredibly awesome that you won't believe it.


Yes. I got a real word.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Aha! A better one.


The first beer in known existence, chors were served to Morroccan kings and queens until stolen by a rogue pirate (arrrrgggh) and brought to the not-quite-yet Americas. Hidden by nomadic priests and monks who had escaped from the religious persecution of Europe, chors were kept as a secret known only to those who had had a REALLY bad day and need a cold one.

The inability to keep any words pristine in America is the reason that it is now called "Coors".

Space Dog said...


mitiesm (my-TIE-zim) n. - a rare type of orgasm had only after either consuming many maitais or while wearing a bowtie (or both). Often occurs in conjunction with frat parties and geeky conventions gone wild.
pl. mitiesmses (not to be confused with the plural "breastesses.")

"Norbert made sure he packed all of his paisley bowties and some extra creme de almond to guarantee his experiencing a mitiesm at DragonCon."

Living Shallow, Living Well said...

Mine right now is 'voodabi'. which sounds like a really good drink or an exercise machine you'd buy on an info-commercial.